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Montessori Initiative: February 2007

Montessori Initiative

MMUN: The Practice of Peace Education

The Montessori Model United Nations Program (MMUN) launches this week when 75 Montessori schools and more than 400 students, 100 teaches and 200 parent observers convene at the UN in NY for the first ever Montessori Model UN General Assembly. The prestigious Model UN program is more than 50 years old, but has primarily focused on high school and University level student programs. Recognizing the maturity of Montessori students and that having Montessori schools participate would follow the work of Dr. Montessori who supported of the League of Nations and its successor the United Nations as a forum where peace could be created seemed like a logical step. The Model UN program has several well recognized graduates including two World Court Judges, a US Supreme Court Judge, and even an Academy Award® winner. The program is appreciated by prep school and college registrars because the program helps develop secure, well-rounded individuals.


The Montessori Model United Nations Program is dedicated to Maria Montessori's conviction that when children are accustomed, from the earliest childhood onwards, to considering those around them as a source to help explore the world, they are not tempted to adopt a wary or hostile attitude towards others who belong to different races or religions. At a later date, children raised according to these principles will be of great help in the construction of a peaceful society and the encouragement of this understanding among nations that UNESCO has set as its ideal. Dr. Montessori was the author of the first Rights of the Child in 1946 when UNESCO was founded.

Maria Montessori understood that children learn about moral development by working on real life tasks. Their energy, commitment and intelligence - when focused on real work towards a common goal - can help transform the world into one with more peace and justice: a true revolution.

The Montessori Initiative and M: The Magazine for Montessori Families in association with Pace University's Model UN team have partnered with the United Nations to create a Montessori Model United Nations so that students at the sensitive period for reason, justice and morality can participate in a life changing experience.

Nurturing the Leaders of Tomorrow

Ambassador to the United Nations from the Dominican Republic Francis Lorenzo, a champion of MMUN, portrayed the importance of the program's mission of nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. "The next generation of leaders will come from this program and they will be sitting here and it will be their responsibility to complete what we have left undone."

Heidi Walters
Communications Director
Montessori Initiative
3538 Caruth Boulevard, Suite 200
Dallas, TX 75525

Page Update: March 6, 2007