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Montessori Middle School of Kentucky offers students a program of academic excellence and intrinsic experiences that exercise the developmental capabilities of early adolescence. Middle school students are ready to undertake the related tasks of working together and living interdependently. All the components of the curriculum work together to strengthen the abilities of the adolescent to act responsibly, communicate effectively, and become trustworthy.

Odyssey Trips

The school year begins with a five-day trip that includes camping, a ropes course, and other activities that challenge the individual child while developing and strengthening problem solving and cooperation skills. The school year ends with another five day trip to study either coral reef ecology in Florida or marine biology in Georgia. These trips are an essential part of the program.


The students take classes in mathematics, science, history, English, foreign language, and art. The curriculum is presented in a two year cycle: biology and world history are offered during one year, physical science and U.S. history during the second year. Math is studied on a continuum from pre-algebra through high school level geometry each year. Works of literature are studied that support the themes and topics of the science and social studies programs.

Service Projects

In order to build a real connection with, and commitment to, an organization or group of people, the students choose one project with which they continue to be involved during the year. Past projects have included interacting with residents at a nursing home or the Hope Center, helping at God's Pantry, assisting with renovation at the Old Episcopal burial ground, and working with young children in the Learning Center at the First Presbyterian Church.

Page Update: September 28, 2012