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MMSK Admissions

Admission Process

Admissions is a process designed to provide parents with the opportunity to learn more about MMSK, their philosophies and policies, and their greatest assets: the community of parents, students, teachers, staff and Board Members who make up the close knit community known as Montessori Middle School of Kentucky.

Students are enrolled for the school year beginning in September. Contact the Administrator, Mrs. Janet Ashby, in the Administrative Office for the latest information.

MMSK Admissions Procedure

  • Parents may call or come by the school or download an application from the web site.
  • There is a $50.00 application fee.
  • Students are put on the Applications List according to the date the application is received in the office.
  • The Admission Policy is based upon these factors:
    1. The date of the application
    2. Previous montessori experience
  • Parents of prospective students are invited to come and observe the classrooms.
  • The Enrollment Contract and a cover letter are sent to the family explaining the enrollment procedures, tuition and other applicable fees.
  • The student is officially enrolled when the Enrollment Contract is signed and all applicable fees are paid and received by the Administrative Office.
  • Parents acknowledge their responsibility to participate in the activities of MMSK, parent-financed and Board-operated institutions. The Parents commit to devote a reasonable amount of time, effort, and talent toward assuring successful operation of the school.
  • Parents agree to participate in the Celebration for Education, the only organized fund-raising event for MMSK. There are three main components to this parent commitment: sell or buy admission tickets, donate an item for the auction and work the evening of the event.

Admission to MMSK is decided without regard to race, religion, national or ethnic background.

Payment Information

MMSK participates in the Tuition Management Systems--TMS. It serves the tuition needs of 2,000 schools and more than 200,000 families nationwide. It works well for the school, parents and children, because of some of the following reasons:

  • Families will have a choice of payment methods. Parents or guardians can elect to pay by automatic deduction from a checking or savings account.
  • MMSK, in conjunction with TMS, offers two payment dates instead of one, allowing payments to be made on the date selected to best fits the budget of each family, whether on the 1st or 15th of the month.
  • Payments may be made in monthly, quarterly or on a semiannual basis.
  • Parents and guardians may elect to pay the full tuition in one check and elect thereby to skip registration with TMS.
  • The cost of registering in TMS is $38 per family.
  • Each family is required to choose their plan of participation in TMS unless the full year's tuition is paid by the day in February when contracts are due.
  • Decisions on tuition amount, tuition aid, scholarships, accommodating hardship situations, and similar issues remain within the discretion and policy of MMSK.

Please contact Mrs. Janet Ashby, Administrator, concerning tuition for your child or children.


Download Application

Please (1) open the above link to the PDF Application, (2) print it, (3) complete the document and (4) mail a completed application to Mrs. Janet Ashby in the Administrator's Office at:

Community Montessori School
166 Crestwood Drive
Lexington, KY 40503

Page Update: October 12, 2012
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