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Community Montessori School (CMS) is located at 166 Crestwood Drive, nestled into a residential neighborhood in south Lexington.

Main Classroom Building

The main building located in the front of the CMS grounds consists of a one-story building with 7 classrooms; the Administrative offices for the Administrator, school Secretary, and Sick Room; and the CMS Library in the center. In addition, there is a faculty lounge located off the CMS Library for faculty meetings and faculty lunches. Each classroom has its own private access to the outdoors. Some of the classrooms have private gardens or patios that may be used by the students.

The main building was designed by Fielder & Johnston Architects. The Architects, Thomas E. Fielder and Day Johnston, designed the main building to sit on the lot angled to the south to take full advantage of the sun for solar heat. Clearstory skylights allow maximum exposure to the sun and obtain the maximum benefit from its warming rays. Their design-build construction company, Solar Group, Inc., built the main building, with major contributions from the then parents who painted the building and installed the floor covering. Solar Group also built the section of Crestwood Drive that provides the address for the school, extending it to connect with Albany Road, a main thoroughfare that connects Nicholasville Road and Tates Creek Road.

Jock's Gym

The secondary building is situated behind the main building and houses the gymnasium, an office, a storage room, and two large classrooms. This secondary building was constructed after the main building as the school expanded to meet those growing demands. The two additional classrooms are used for art, music and foreign language instruction. The After Before & School Programs are operated in the secondary building.


The CMS grounds include two outdoor playground structures built by parents of the school and an open soccer field.

One of the outdoor playground structures is located in the front of the CMS School's main building and is used solely by the Primary Level students.

The other outdoor playground structure is located in the rear of the CMS School's main building and to the side of the gymnasium and is used solely by the Junior Level students. In addition, the soccer field is used by the Junior Level students for physical education classes and activities. It is also used by the entire school for CMS School activities such as the Fun Fair and Field Games.

Page Update: March 6, 2007