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A Good Start in the Classroom

"Help me help myself," is the fundamental philosophy around which the Montessori classroom revolves. The classroom is designed to suit the child's age, size, comfort and intellectual needs. There is freedom of movement and choice of where to work as well as time in which to work alone and with others.

The teacher is thought of more as a "guide," one who is carefully trained to observe the children, present appropriate lessons to each child, and leave room for independent choices. Children often learn from watching and helping each other, a major advantage of the mixed age class.

A Good Start in Preparation for Lifework

The Montessori approach emphasizes the development of the whole child. The emotional and social development is nurtured along with the intellect, helping the child prepare him/her self for their world, their life and their community.

Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) Training

Each CMS Montessori Teacher of the Primary and Upper and Lower Elementary Levels is trained at an AMI training center. The teachers are also referred to as Directors or Directress', because they serve as trained "guides" through the materials and environment. Each AMI Montessori Teacher receives a full year or 3 summers of training. This training gives them the direction that they need to accommodate the individual needs of the child; the skills to manage a multi-level age group within the classroom environment; and the knowledge of the developmental stages and sensitive periods of growth of the student. This training along with the AMI Montessori materials, are the essential keys to the success of the AMI Montessori classroom.

Page Update: August 19, 2006